King Tide, Oakland Zoo and Humboldt squids

by on December 12, 2012

A last year's King Tide photo at the Marina in San Francisco. Photo by Singlespeeder2007/Flickr.

Catch Wednesday’s news digest:
  • Thursday will bring highest tides of year. Grab your camera and help document Bay Area’s risk of sea level rise. [Marin Independent Journal]
  • Oakland Zoo says will go ahead of expansion into Knowland Park, despite failure of parcel tax on Nov. ballot. [Oakland North]
  • Stanford University implementing new habitat conservation plan. Wondering what this means in debate about Searsville Dam? [Stanford News]
  • Humboldt squid beaching themselves in large numbers in Santa Cruz and Monterey and scientists not sure why. [Huffington Post]
  • It’s not just Pedro Point in Pacifica that’s doing this. Apparently holiday tree cutting of invasive trees is becoming a thing around the Bay Area. [Marin Independent Journal]
  • Pacific Institute finds Calif. is a net importer of water and 90% is used for agriculture production. [Aquafornia]
  • A federal judge dismisses a lawsuit against Sharp Park in support of a federal decision that the golf course doesn’t harm threatened species. [SF Appeal]

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