San Jose mostly tree-less, Yosemite expands parkland

by on April 24, 2013

Joseph D. Grant Park, one of the few places where there are trees in San Jose. Photo: iandoh/Flickr


Hello Wednesday! Your Bay Area nature news digest:

  • Only 15 percent of San Jose has trees, according to study using laser tree trackers. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • First expansion of Yosemite in more than 70 years happen. [Associated Press]
  • Wood burning reason why Marin’s air quality rated a “C” in soot levels. [Marin Independent Journal]
  • Yosemite tops the nation as park where people getting high on something other than nature alone. [SFist]
  • Concrete barrier on San Franciscquito Creek being removed to enhance coho salmon migration. [Peninsula Press]
  • Falling fruit map shows where to forage for food around world, including Bay Area. A good thing? [Bay Area Bites]

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