Becky Jaffe and the Art of Biophilia

November 26, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

Nature photographer Becky Jaffe on art, photography and biophilia.

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Sea Lion Escapes in West Marin, Burrowing Owl Family Leave Freeway Safely

November 22, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

A sea lion escapes in West Marin and later recaptured in a cow pasture and more Bay Area nature news…

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Why do Pacific Salmon Die After Spawning?

November 21, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

The upriver salmon run is one of nature’s great migrations. But why after spawning just once do Pacific salmon die?


It Takes a Village To Create a State Park

November 20, 2013 by Beth Slatkin

On Saturday November 16th, a crowd gathered at Eastshore State Park to celebrate legendary Save The Bay co-founder Sylvia McLaughlin and to rename the park in her honor.

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Painted Redstart in Berkeley: A first for Alameda County

November 18, 2013 by Berkeleyside

This weekend, hundreds of bird enthusiasts flocked to a quiet southside Berkeley neighborhood to catch a glimpse of a beautiful North American breeding bird that has never before been sighted in Alameda County.

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Orcas Put on a Killer Show in Monterey Bay, Feds Unveil Bay Wetlands Restoration Plan

November 15, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

A pod of orcas have been staging an unbelievable show in the Monterey Bay and more Bay Area nature news.

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In Dry Times, California Turns to Cloud Seeding

November 14, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

With the persistent drought that has gripped California for the past year, state water managers are increasingly turning to cloud seeding to extract as much water as they can.

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Save Mount Diablo purchase Curry Canyon Ranch; USFWS study pesticide impact on CA’s rare frogs

November 08, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

Save Mount Diablo acquire Curry Canyon Ranch property and more Bay Area nature news…

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New Report Shows Decline in Delta Fish Populations

November 06, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

A recent report from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife shows a decline in fish populations in the San-Joaquin Sacramento Delta.


Wasting Disease Devastates West Coast Starfish

November 04, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

Marine scientists are investigating a recent outbreak of ‘sea star wasting syndrome’ that has ravaged starfish populations along the West Coast.

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