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Iconic tree at Mount Davidson topples over

April 11, 2013 by David Cruz

The dead eucalyptus had its admirers and opponents. Now it's gone forever.

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Sea lion pups, pot farming and tree-sitters

April 03, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

"Unusual morbidity event" among sea lion pups this year, and other Bay Area nature news.

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Devil’s Slide tunnels an environmental success story

March 25, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

What could have been at Devil's Slide makes you appreciate the tunnels that came to be.

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St. Patrick’s Day hikes around Dublin’s rolling hills

March 14, 2013 by Kristen Martz

Need some green rolling hills to get you in the Irish spirit? Head out to the Irish capitol's sister city in the East Bay.

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Beach access, Devil’s Slide and Oakland’s parks

March 14, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

Are landowners required to provide public access to a beach? Martin's Beach debate in San Mateo County goes to court, and more Bay Area nature news.

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San Jose considers banning styrofoam

February 25, 2013 by Kristen Martz

San Jose is considering a ban on styrofoam that if successful would make it the largest city in the nation to nix the use of the non-biodegradable foamy plastic.

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Capeweed, a fish kill and taxes

February 13, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

Customs officials intercept invasive capeweed at Port of Oakland on flowers shipped from Australia, and other Bay Area nature news.

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Best romantic hikes in the Bay Area

February 08, 2013 by Kristen Martz

If you're looking for something adventurous this Valentine's Day, how about going for a hike?

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Taylor Mountain, an albatross, and an urban canopy

February 06, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

Sonoma County gets a new park, the largest in decades, at Taylor Mountain, and other Bay Area nature news.

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A treaty, a terrified coyote and ‘dogs run wild’

February 04, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

The San Francisco Bay estuary has been listed as a "wetland of importance" in an international treaty, and other Bay Area nature news.

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