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Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

Park managed by: California Department of Fish and Game

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5040 acre Park managed by: California Department of Fish and Game

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Bobby Dias on January 22nd, 2013 at 11:28 pm

Eden Landing Ecological Preserve is a Nature by Bobby site, me providing the plants by seeding the mud flats,in the 1960s, by mainly aerial seeding using an aircraft owned and operated by the United States Department of Forestry and doing some minor filling in by hand seeding a few months later, both operations no charge from me but there may have been a charge from the the US Forestry Service. Eden Landing Ecological Preserve was to be looking rough to be entertainment for whoever came to see- I did so to at least several hundred sites in California. Faking it was good to me if the visitors are happy. Are you going up to a happy child to tell him what he sees is not real?

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