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Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve

Park managed by: East Bay Regional Park District

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239 acre Park managed by: East Bay Regional Park District

The rare relic plant community of Huckleberry Preserve offers a year-round treat for plant enthusiasts.

The native plant community on this 241-acre preserve derived  from a wetter climate.  A pamphlet available at the information signboard identifies the native plants along a 1.7-mile nature path.

Note that because of the unique plant community, dogs, bicycles, and horses are prohibited in the preserve (an exception is made for dogs and horses traversing the Skyline National Trail.) Jogging is discouraged.

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Huckleberry Loop

by Bay Nature Staff

In the Oakland hills' 241-acre Huckleberry Preserve, uplifted rock strata formed in the deep ocean nurture a relict plant community originating on the Southern California coast and now found in only a few isolated places along the Central Coast and this one East Bay redoubt. The rocky knolls and low-fertility soil support a landscape of […]

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