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Knowland Park

Park managed by: Oakland

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464 acre Park managed by: Oakland

Knowland Park is the City of Oakland’s largest park. It’s best known as the home to the Oakland Zoo, but the zoo covers only 45 acres of this nearly 500-acre park, which also has hiking trails with great views of the Bay.

The Oakland Zoo has been in operation since 1922, and it’s a popular attraction for families from across the East Bay. The zoo does have critics, however, including the Friends of Knowland Park, which charges that the zoo’s expansion plans will do more harm than good.

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Karen A. on November 5th, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Great article. If you click on the links to maps/directions, though, they take you to the front entrance of the zoo. To get to the actual park, take a look at this page that directs you to the side streets off Malcolm Ave. where you can park your car and walk in to the western portion of Knowland Park, an open wildland with beautiful views…and where zoo management wants to locate their expansion project, fencing off existing free public access, destroying rare native plant communities and displacing resident wildlife. Runs contrary to 21st century conservation.

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