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Leona Canyon Regional Open Space

Park managed by: East Bay Regional Park District

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297 acre Park managed by: East Bay Regional Park District

This steep wooded canyon park in the Oakland hills is a favorite of hikers and runners.

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Leona Canyon to Merritt College

by Ann Sieck

Most of the East Bay Regional Parks' many open-space stepchildren — isolated patches of protected land — offer a hiker views of roads and buildings at every bend of the trail. Like her sisters, Leona Canyon is entirely surrounded, but her little-used 1.4 mile main trail between steep hillsides cloaked in forest and chaparral feels […]

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Christopher Cook on September 6th, 2013 at 3:33 pm

Trails are missing for Leona Heights Park! The Leona Heights Park is on the opposite side of Merritt campus.

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