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San Bruno Mountain State Park




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296 acre Park managed by: California Department of Parks and Recreation

Famed biologist E.O. Wilson once named San Bruno Mountain one of the world biodiversity hotspots, because so many native species remained here, isolated by the city below. A must-see!

A hulking presence on San Francisco’s southeastern border, San Bruno Mountain forms a natural boundary between San Francisco and the Peninsula. Though development has several times threatened to pave its slopes, the mountain has remained a unique island of open space in a sea of residential sprawl. This continued salvation is courtesy of a density of rare species–so many that biologist E.O. Wilson once named San Bruno Mountain one of eighteen global biodiversity hotspots in need of protection.

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San Bruno Mountain Saddle Loop

by Bay Nature Staff

Hike by Kate Brittain, originally published in the April 2008 issue of Bay Nature magazine You can't miss San Bruno Mountain, just south of San Francisco, rising out of the urban landscape. And you shouldn't miss it. Here, an impressive 2,750 acres have been preserved. They are a haven, and not only for the humans […]

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