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Uvas Canyon County Park

Park managed by: Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Dept.

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1137 acre Park managed by: Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Dept.

Six miles of trails, including one to a perennial waterfall, attract hikers to this shady and remote canyon park.

Nestled in a shady canyon on the east side of the Santa Cruz Mountains west of Morgan Hill, Uvas Canyon County Park offers respite from the hot summer sun as well as rain- and spring-fed waterfalls during the rainy season. Under a rich riparian canopy, hikers can enjoy tree-shaded trails to the waterfalls or to high points with expansive views to the east. The Waterfall Loop trail, short (one-mile) but sometimes steep and rocky, follows Swanson Creek and offers a few small waterfalls in the winter (fullest after a three or four days of rain) as well as numbered posts matched to the self-guided Waterfall Loop Nature Trail Guide, which is available online as well as at the park.



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Uvas Canyon Waterfall Loop

by Dan Rademacher

On the road west out of Morgan Hill, houses get fewer, roads get narrower, and Santa Clara Valley's subdivisions give way to oak savanna. When you reach Sveadal, a private resort owned by the Swedish American Patriotic League, the time travel is complete: you've arrived at Uvas Canyon County Park, home to two creeks, half […]

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