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North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Alliance

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

Mission: To protect and restore the North Richmond shoreline areas for the benefit of the community and the environment. Objectives: to conserve and restore coastal upland, wetland, and bay habitats; establish ecologically important areas as publicly owned open space; support healthy creeks and watersheds; ensure that land use planning is community-based, honors public trust responsibilities, and considers the needs of future generation; preserve artifacts and interpret historic cultural uses of the North Richmond shoreline areas.

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A Shore Thing

October 01, 2007 by Lisa Owens-Viani

The East Bay shoreline is strung like a necklace with more than a dozen parks, from the bluffs of Point Pinole near Richmond to the sandy beach and shallow waters of Alameda’s Crown Beach to the salt marshes near Coyote Hills. The place where water meets land is a magnet for life of many kinds, and these parks are no exception: recreational destination for joggers, swimmers, and windsurfers; home for leopard sharks, bat rays, and crabs; wintertime smorgasbord for thousands of shorebirds. Turn back the clock a few decades, and you would have found garbage dumps or dynamite factories here. Skip back a few more decades, and you would find thriving aquatic ecosystems. You can still see traces of all of this and more at the shoreline parks of the East Bay Regional Park District.

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Book Review: Wave-Swept Shore: The Rigors of Life on a Rocky Coast

October 01, 2006 by Dan Rademacher

Wave-Swept Shore: The Rigors of Life on a Rocky Coast, text by Mimi Koehl, Photographs by Anne Wertheim Rosenfeld, UC ...

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East Bay Shoreline Parks

October 01, 2005 by Bay Nature Staff

The East Bay Regional Park District and other parks agencies own and operate an impressive array of shoreline parks in ...

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