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Length: 2.35 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Halfday
Created by Ann Sieck

  • San Francisco Bay Trail


Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline is yet another landfill converted to park, and as long as you don’t expect more than that it’s pretty nice. Most of this walk is on a paved stretch of the San Francisco Bay Trail along the rip-rapped Bay shore, where you might well see interesting waterfowl. You will certainly see and hear aircraft—Oakland airport is just to the north. Around the hilly middle of the park trees have been planted and there are ample picnic areas. You can see a large sculpture from the shore. The trail climbs gently over a low rise and then runs quite level until it reaches the north end of the park and becomes quite rough gravel and dirt, as it climbs back over the hill and returns to the entrance. But there is an interesting lagoon crowded with ducks and wading birds between the park and the airport, and this feral part of the park is more appealing to me than the landscaped south end, though perhaps in time efforts to plant native species will pay off.


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