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Lafayette Park





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Length: 0.51 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Halfday
Created by Jackson Mauze

  • Paved


Lafayette Park may be small and simple, but is the perfect destination to sweeten an otherwise sour day. The laughter and cries of children echo across sloped lawns where people play and relax, drinking in the summer sun and breeze. But the crown jewel of the park is at its summit, where between the thin foliage are tantalizing glimpses of the city and the bay.

Enter the park from Laguna Street and follow the path past the children’s play yard to summit’s benches. On the far side, the path drops down towards the street once more, weaving by a small patch of lawn and knee-high bushes. While a simple excursion, this trip is perfect for dogwalkers, parents of children in strollers, lovers out for a romantic evening or old friends eager for some place to catch-up on old times. This one-size-fits-all fun is handicap accessible with bathrooms and water fountains. Don’t miss out!


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