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Lake Chabot Loop

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Length: 9.71 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: Halfday
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Good for:
  • Beaches/Shore
  • Forests and Woodlands
  • Grasslands
  • Other Freshwater
  • Accessible Parking


The Lake Chabot Loop begins at the marina and starts as a wide, paved path. It is bordered by the lake to the right and a brush-covered outcrop to the left, which is topped with trees and makes the path relatively shady. The lake was once a major source of water for the Bay Area, and its history is detailed on a number of information boards spaced out along the trail. After a few miles the trail crosses a dam, and beyond that the trail's surface becomes dirt. The trail pulls back from the lakeshore and becomes increasingly tree lined, soon passing through a damp, well-shaded haven cut by a streambed. After this, the path becomes hillier as it moves through an area rife with Eucalyptuses. It then descends back to the lakeshore in a wetland-like area, becoming paved again as it meanders around the myriad fingers of the lake. Finally, flat and leisurely once more, it makes its way back towards the marina.


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