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We post the best local nature videos we find from YouTube here, but Bay Nature also produces several kinds of videos and you can see them all here. Broadcast on Northern California public TV stations, our Bay Nature on the Air segments showcase the natural diversity of local ecosystems and natural attractions. You’ll also find videos of our naturalist-guided hikes and audio slideshows that inform you about Bay Area parks and wildlife.

Salmon Return to Spawn

November 13, 2013 by Alessandra Bergamin

The Nimbus Hatchery fish ladder opened early November, signaling the start of the salmon spawning season on the American River.

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Rarely seen blue-footed boobies arrive at Point Reyes

September 20, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

Blue-footed boobies are turning up in Point Reyes after straying far from their normal range from the Galapagos Islands to the


Footage of Rim Fire from a boat on Tuolumne River

September 10, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

The Tuolumne River Trust released footage of the recent Rim Fire that burned through the Tuolumne River watershed. The group

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Bighorn sheep return to Sierras

April 18, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has led a team to reestablish a population of federally endangered Sierra Nevada

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Falcon feeding in San Jose

April 03, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

Peregrine falcons have returned for season No. 7 of webcasting on top of San Jose City Hall, a testament to how far

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Steelhead spawning in Palo Alto Creek

March 14, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

An underwater camera captures footage of steelhead salmon spawning in San Francisquito Creek in Palo Alto. The video footage comes

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Gulls gone wild

February 11, 2013 by Alison Hawkes

At this time of year, Point Richmond becomes a feeding frenzy as gulls, brown pelicans and ducks feast on schools

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KeeKee goes home for the holidays

December 26, 2012 by Alison Hawkes

A juvenile California sea lion, KeeKee, went home to the ocean on Christmas Eve at Rodeo Beach in the Marin

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Dolphins pay visit to Golden Gate Bridge

December 13, 2012 by Alison Hawkes

Video and images by David Cruz/Natures Lantern
A pod of bottlenose dolphins paid a recent visit to the Golden Gate

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River otter frolicking at Sutro Baths

October 11, 2012 by Alison Hawkes

Nature photographer David Cruz captured some candid moments of a sea otter basking in the sun at Sutro Baths in San Francisco.