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Following the money on GMO ballot measure

by on October 08, 2012

Photo by ZUMA press.
Photo by ZUMA press.

The debate over the California GMO labeling ballot measure can be a bit confusing.

Sure many of us support organic food. But aren’t there cases when GMO crops are harmless, and dare I say, beneficial? Adapting crops to climate change comes to mind. Should we paint every GMO food with the same broad brush?

Well, if money means anything, it’s worth checking out this analysis from Berkeley-based MapLight. The nonpartisan research organization analyzed campaign reports from the California Secretary of State’s office and found who’s throwing around their money to support and oppose the GMO measure.

It turns out that out-of-state agribusiness/chemical industry is outspending supporters by more than 8 to 1 to defeat the measure.

To be clear: a “yes” vote on Prop 37 means that you favor requiring foods in California be labeled for containing GMO crops, while a “no” means you want to keep the status quo.

Source: A MapLight analysis of CA Secretary of State data.

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