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White sharks, Sutro Forest and sniff dogs

by on March 04, 2013

Sutro Forest. Photo: Douglas LeMoine
Sutro Forest. Photo: Douglas LeMoine

Time for Monday’s Bay Area nature news:

  • Is Sutro Forest an “enchanted cloud forest,” or an ecological nightmare and fire hazard? [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Great white sharks get full legal protection under CA endangered species act as state considers official listing. [California Fish & Wildlife]
  • Sutro Sam, the river otter, inspires new children’s e-book. [Richmond Blog]
  • Cal Fish & Wildlife announce broad changes to mountain lion response after controversial  Half Moon Bay cub killings. [Bay Area News Group]
  • North Bay dogs using their noses to sniff out sewage spills in local waterways. [Santa Rosa Press Democrat]
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