Video of Snakes Caught in the Act in Petaluma

June 26, 2014

A few months ago, Point Blue Conservation Science staff member Karen Carlson spotted these two happy king snakes on the edge of Shollenberger Marsh in Petaluma. She, as one does, alerted her colleagues, and Brian Huse, Point Blue’s director of strategic program development, took this video. (Lishka Arata, a Point Blue conservation educator, also uploaded an observation to iNaturalist.)

Want to know more about what’s going on here? Check out the July issue of Bay Nature for the incredible explanation from naturalist Michael Ellis.

OK, OK. Let’s get to the video. Make sure you watch until at least the 30 second mark, when … man, we all should do more yoga.

About the Author

Eric Simons is a former digital editor at Bay Nature. He is author of The Secret Lives of Sports Fans and Darwin Slept Here, and is coauthor, with Tessa Hill, of At Every Depth: Our Growing Knowledge of the Changing Oceans.