Bay Nature magazineJanuary-March 2003


150th Anniversary of the California Academy of Science

January 1, 2003

Founded in 1853 to survey the vast natural resources of California and beyond, the California Academy of Sciences is dedicated to teaching the people of the Bay Area about the natural world. It’s time to wish the Academy a heartfelt “happy birthday” as it celebrates its 150th anniversary with several months of activities and events. Beginning on March 1, 2003, the Academy will use a long time line spread throughout several exhibit halls to show how 150 years of history, world events, and major discoveries have shaped the pursuit of science. While you’re there, check out an interesting photo exhibit called Hidden Treasures of San Francisco Bay. Photographer Dennis Anderson has spent many years exploring life on San Francisco Bay above and below the water’s surface and has taken images that highlight the bounty and beauty in both realms. Contact the Academy at (415) 750-7145 or visit for more information.

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