Bay Nature magazineSummer 2001


Adventure Cycling Assoc. Publishes Cross Country Maps

July 1, 2001

In keeping with this issue’s focus on alternative forms of transit, we have another option for those who want to go the distance and do it on their own power. The Adventure Cycling Association has just published maps for its newest bike route across America—the Western Express—which begins in San Francisco and links up with the Transamerica Bicycle Trail in Pueblo, Colorado. Coast-to-coast, the route covers 3,790 miles before ending in Yorktown, Virginia. For those who aren’t up for such a long adventure, the first map covers the 305 miles between San Francisco and Fallon, Nevada. After meandering through the Central Valley, Western Express follows the Mormon Emigrant Trail and climbs over Carson Pass in the Sierra Nevada. Adventure Cycling maps include the location of bike shops, food, water, and overnight accommodations. To order maps or to learn more about Adventure Cycling, call (800)755-2453 or visit them at

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