Ask the Naturalist, August 2013

August 29, 2013

This week we welcome Santa Clara Valley Audubon’s Bob Power as our Guest Naturalist!

Dear Bay Nature,
What is the 2013 count of burrowing owls at Shoreline Park? How many breeding pairs were observed?

— Sharon

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Dear Sharon,
This year, Shoreline Park in Mountain View hosted 5 pairs of Burrowing Owls.  Three of the pairs fledged 1, 3, and 3 chicks respectively for a total of 7 chicks.  One of the breeding pair vacated the park in the middle of the breeding season.

The last breeding pair failed to fledge young but moved to a second burrow and the female remains in the burrow. So although it’s late in the season, there is hope that this pair will fledge some young this season.

Burrowing Owls forever,

Bob Power, Executive Director
Santa Clara Valley Audubon

Bob Power, Guest Naturalist
Bob Power, Guest Naturalist
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