Bay Nature Staff Picks: Signs of the Season

November 1, 2015

Solstice greetings from all of us at Bay Nature! To celebrate the first day of winter, we’ve gathered some of our favorite signs of the season to be found along Bay Area trails, in our parks, and along the coast! We hope it will inspire you to make your own local winter discoveries.

Monarch Butterfly
Favorite of: Contributing Editor Alison Hawkes
Photo: Becky Jaffe

Bufflehead Duck
Favorite of: Office Manager Jenny Stampp
Photo: Marlin Harms

Bufflehead duck, a charismatic winter visitor to Bay Area lakes and bays. Photo: Marlin Harms
The bufflehead is a tiny, charismatic winter visitor to the Bay Area’s lakes and bays.


Townsend’s Warbler
Favorite of: Publisher David Loeb
Illustration: John Muir Laws

Townsend's warbler. Illustration: John Muir Laws 2009


Pacific Herring
Favorite of: Editorial Director Eric Simons
Photo: Paul Nicklen

Pacific herring. Photo: Paul Nicklen


Favorite of: Associate Director Judith Katz
Photo: Davor Desancic

Convergent ladybugs cluster on a branch in Oakland's Redwood Regional Park.
Convergent ladybugs cluster on a branch in Oakland’s Redwood Regional Park.


California Sea Otter
Favorite of: Development Associate Katy Yeh
Photo: Sstasi

California sea otter. Photo: Sstasi
A California sea otter floats off Moss Landing.


Favorite of: IT/Web Development Manager Laurence Tietz
Photo: Garry Hayes

Cascading waterfall photo by Garry Hayes


California Newt
Favorite of: Marketing Director Beth Slatkin
Photo: Matt Knoth

California newt. Photo: Matt Knoth
A California newt explores his surroundings, Marin Headlands


Elephant Seal
Favorite of: Editor in Chief Victoria Schlesinger
Photo: Victoria Schlesinger

An elephant seal makes landfall at Añ Nuevo State Reserve.
An elephant seal makes landfall at Ano Nuevo State Reserve.





Great Egret
Favorite of: Advertising Director Ellen Weis
Photo: Richard Blair

Great egret photo: Richard Blair
A Great Egret hunts in Bolinas Lagoon.
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