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April 1, 2007

Richmond isn’t the only place where the Bay Trail is coming together. In fact, one of the longest continuous segments of Bay Trail will open later this year at the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve. A three-mile section now under construction will connect with existing trails to form a continuous 19-mile stretch of Bay Trail from Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont to Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline in San Leandro. The Eden Landing trail is expected to open to the public in late fall 2007.

Construction is also underway in San Francisco at Yosemite Slough, just south of Hunter’s Point. The California Coastal Conservancy recently put up $3.3 million toward the removal of contaminated fill and the eventual restoration of 34 acres of the slough. When completed, the project will have restored more than 20 acres of wetland to provide nursery habitat for fish and other marine life and will include nearly a mile of Bay Trail. The project is part of San Francisco’s Blue Greenway program, a corridor of public access and recreation areas along San Francisco’s Bay shoreline.

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Read more about Heron’s Head in our April 2006 article “Growing a Greenway in Hunter’s Point”

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