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Earthquake Resources

April 1, 2006

Plate Tectonics And Earthquakes

National Earthquake Information Center

USGS website providing current data on earthquakes worldwide.

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program-Northern California

Website providing general and latest quake information, hazard maps, sources of preparedness information, synthesis of current research, and resources.

This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics

by W. Jacqueline Kious and Robert I. Tilling

Online edition of USGS-produced book introducing the concept of plate tectonics; accessible for laypeople. (USGS is planning to publish an updated print version of this useful publication.)

The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

Gateway to a wealth of information on local plate tectonics.

The San Andreas Fault in the San Francisco Bay Area, California: A Geology Fieldtrip Guidebook to Selected Stops on Public Lands

by Philip W. Stoffer, US Geological Survey, 2005

A series of self-guided geology fieldtrips with selected destinations along the San Andreas Fault in the Bay Area, intended as a lay guide for K-12 teachers, hikers, and anyone curious about how earthquake and faulting shape and influence the landscape.

Available as a free online download from

Tour of the Hayward Fault

Online tour of the Hayward Fault that will soon include a self-guided walking tour.

Geology: Plate Tectonics

UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology’s web pages presenting the history and mechanism of plate tectonics along with animations of continental drift over the past 750 million years.

Plate Tectonics Website

Paleomap Project

Twenty maps of the earth, showing the positions of the continents from 650 million years ago to the last ice age to 250 million years into the future.

Paloemap Project Website


USGS website through which users can submit and receive answers to questions about earth science.

Ask a Geologist website

Seismic Activity and Animal Behavior Study

Eastern Oregon University website through which users can submit data on the behaviors of domesticated and feral animals prior to and during an earthquake.

Seismic Activity and Animal Behavior Study Website

Plate Tectonics: An Insider’s History of the Modern Theory of the Earth

edited by Naomi Oreskes, Westview Press, 2003

Collection of 18 essays written by researchers who made the discoveries establishing the phenomenon of plate tectonics.

Plate Tectonics and Crustal Evolution

by Kent C. Condie, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997

The standard work in plate tectonics for senior geology majors, graduate students, or very motivated laypeople.

Our Patchwork Planet: The Story of Plate Tectonics

by Helen Roney Sattler, Lothrop Lee & Shepard, 1995

A comprehensive introduction to plate tectonics for children in grades 5-8.

Geology of the San Francisco Bay Region

by Doris Sloan, UC Press (due in summer 2006)

Illuminates the colorful geologic mosaic that surrounds San Francisco Bay and lucidly explains the complex and fascinating processes that have forged it over millions of years.

1906 Earthquake

The Great Earthquake and Firestorms of 1906: How San Francisco Nearly Destroyed Itself

by Philip L. Fradkin, UC Press, 2006

Detailed story of the 1906 earthquake and the reconstruction that followed.

Earthquake Exodus 1906

by Richard Schwartz, RSB Books, 2006

The story of the refugees of the 1906 earthquake who fled from San Francisco to the East Bay and how their lives were saved by the relief effort that was mounted there.

1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance Calendar of Events

Extensive listing of activities marking the 1906 Earthquake Centennial, including exhibits, publications, field trips, lectures, and more.

Earthquake Preparedness

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country: Your Handbook for the San Francisco Bay Region

Free 31-page handbook from the USGS on earthquake preparedness in the Bay Area. Available as a free download or in hard copy by calling the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter at (510)595-4459.

Earthquake Preparedness Regional Planning Project

Comprehensive list of earthquake preparedness resources specific to the Bay Area, including links to information on home and business safety, shaking and liquefaction maps, transportation and traffic maps, and a library of technical and lay publications on an array of earthquake-related issues.

California Seismic Safety Commission

Website includes the dowloadable, free, 49-page booklet, Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety, 2005, as well as news and state policy reports.

Living with Earthquakes in California: A Survivor’s Guide

by Robert S. Yeats, Oregon State University Press, 2001

A general reader’s guide to California earthquakes, combining current research with practical safety information.

Peace of Mind in Earthquake Country

by Peter I. Yanev, Chronicle Books, 1990

Details what residents and homeowners of large metropolitan areas in California can do to survive the next quake, including the steps everyone should take before, during, and after. Out-of-print but readily available used.

Field Trips and Events


Point Lobos to Point Reyes: Evidence of ~180 km Offset of the San Gregorio & Northern San Andreas Fault

May 20-21, 2006

A two-day field trip offered by the Northern California Geological Society to examine granitic rocks, conglomerate, and trace fossils at Point Lobos State Park near Monterey then drive 180 km along the San Gregorio and northern San Andreas faults to Olema, north of San Francisco.

Field Trip PDF (16K)


Tracing the Hayward Fault—A Potential Disaster Area

April 15, 2006, 8:30 a.m.

Field trip offered by the Northern California Geological Society centering on two segments of the Hayward Fault where surface features can still be observed: Tule Ponds in Fremont and downtown Hayward.

Hayward Fault PDF (16K)


The Great Quake: The Legacy of the Disaster

April 21 – August 30, 2006

Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley

Exhibit exploring UC Berkeley’s participation in advancing society’s understanding of the seismological, engineering, social, and political implications of seismic events, and it highlighting on-going efforts to prepare the campus to withstand another big quake.



100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference: Managing Risk in Earthquake Country

April 17-21, 2006

International conference convened by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and celebrating a century of accomplishments in earth science, earthquake engineering, and emergency management, while aiming to advance practices, technologies, and policy.

1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance Calendar of Events

Extensive listing of activities to commemorate the 1906 Earthquake Centennial, including exhibits, field trips, lectures, and more.

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