Bay Nature magazineSpring 2002


Formation of Bay Access – San Francisco Bay Water Trail

April 1, 2002

You’re probably familiar with the San Francisco Bay Trail, the emerging trail network around the perimeter of the Bay promoted and managed by the Association of Bay Area Governments ( But have you ever thought about how great it would be to have a trail on the Bay? A group of kayakers from the Bay Area Sea Kayakers (BASK) club has formed Bay Access and are now working to create a San Francisco Bay Water Trail, a unified, recognized, and protected system of access points around the Bay for human-powered watercraft. They’re holding a conference and Water Trail festival on Saturday, April 27, at the Bay Model in Sausa-lito to hear about other water trail efforts around the country and to discuss plans for the Bay Water Trail. The event concludes with a paddle on the Bay and a full moon potluck at Kirby Cove. For more information visit, where you’ll also find a detailed map of the proposed water trail, or call Maryly Snow at (510) 652-1944.

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