Bay Nature magazineJuly-September 2002


Gallery Route 1 Exhibit

July 1, 2002

As food travels longer and longer distances to get from farm to table, and more evidence surfaces linking disease to chemicals used in food production, more and more Bay Area residents have joined the movement supporting local small-scale farmers growing organic fruits, vegetables, and other foods. To celebrate this trend, Gallery Route One at Point Reyes Station presents “Turning the Tables: Food, Farms, and Sustainability.” Opening September 13, “Turning the Tables” will feature contemporary visual art from several North Bay artists depicting the activities of local organic farmers and the foods they produce. The exhibit will also include an outreach and education component, with organic food tastings at local schools and other activities to inform people about how to get involved in community-supported agriculture. Gallery Route One is a community-based, artist-run organization that presents exhibits of art addressing the cultural, political, and environmental concerns of the Bay Area. It also offers lectures, performances, and workshops. For more information and hours of operation, call (415) 663-1347 or visit

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