Bay Nature magazineJuly-September 2001


Habitat Stewards Team

July 1, 2001

While much work still needs to be done to protect existing natural habitats, a growing number of environmental activists and natural scientists are looking at ways to restore habitat that has been degraded by human activities. If you’re an Alameda County resident interested in learning how to restore areas for the benefit of native species and people, you might want to join the Habitat Stewards Team. The 24-hour training includes information about native plants; site assessment; how to garden to attract butterflies, birds, and other wildlife; and field trips to existing projects. In return for the free training, you must agree to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours at a local school or community garden. The application deadline for the August training session is July 31. To find out more, call the Aquatic Outreach Institute at (510)231-5783 or visit

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