Oak Woodlands Resources

October 1, 2003

To learn more about California’s oaks, contact the following organizations:

California Oak Foundation

1212 Broadway, Suite 810

Oakland, CA 94612


California oak advocacy and education organization. Online monthly oak report, membership newsletter, oak tree care information, and merchandise.

California Oak Mortality Task Force

Sudden Oak Death research, monitoring, and education website, including monthly reports on new developments.

Integrated Hardwood Management Program

Organization dedicated to maintaining, and where possible, increasing the acreage of California’s hardwood range resources to provide wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, wood and livestock products, high quality water supply, and aesthetic value for professionals and others interested in issues related to oak woodland management.

There are also a number of books, CD-ROMS, and other resources available:

Cal Alive! (ages 10-adult)

Interactive CD-ROM focusing on biological diversity in California, including the oak woodland community.

It Will Live Forever: Traditional Yosemite Indian Acorn Preparation by Beverly R. Ortiz and Julia F. Parker

Illustrated guide to traditional Yosemite Indian acorn preparation and its cultural significance. Includes recipes.

The Life of an Oak: An Intimate Portrait, by Glenn Keator & illustrations by Susan Bazell. Heyday Books & California Oak Foundation, Berkeley CA; 1998

An informative, in-depth, and beautifully-illustrated introduction to the ecology and natural history of oak trees all over the world.

Oaks of California, by B. Pavlik, P. Muick, S. Johnson and M. Popper. Cachuma Press & California Oak Foundation, Los Olivos, CA; 1991.

Excellent introduction to the oaks and oak woodlands of California, with many fine photos and illustrations.

Oak Woodland Activity Kit (ages 6-13)

Activities for exploring and learning about oaks and oak woodlands.


The Oak Woodland Bird Conservation Plan: A Straegy for Protecting and Managing Oak Woodland Habitats in California, by Dr. Steve Zack (lead author), et. al. California Oak Foundation, Oakland CA; 2002

Recent thorough study of different kinds of oak woodlands in California, the birds that depend on them, and their conservation status. A collaboration of California Oak Foundation, PRBO Conservation Science, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and California Partners in Flight.

Regenerating Rangeland Oaks in California by Douglas D. McCreary.

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 21601.

Recommended procedures for regenerating native oaks on rangelands in California. Targeted for restorationists, as well as the general public interested in growing and planting oaks.

Available from UC ANR Communication Services (800-994-8849).

Publications from the Integrated Hardwood Range Management Program

Living Among the Oaks

8-page leaflet on protecting and enhancing native oaks that grow on California rangelands.

Wildlife Among the Oaks

How to attract and maintain oak woodland wildlife.

How to Grow California Oaks by Douglas D. McCreary

4-page publication on how to regenerate oak species for restoration professionals, community groups, and homeowners.

Single copies are free upon request to:

Ms. Joni Rippee

University of California

Integrated Hardwood Range Management Program

145 Mulford Hall # 3114

Berkeley, CA 94720-3114

FAX: 510-643-3490

Available through the California Oak Foundation

Investigating the Oak Community by Kay Antúnez de Mayolo

California Oak Foundation (October 2000)

New curriculum for teachers and other educators, designed to involve 4th through 8th grade students in activities that will develop their awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the important role of oaks in the California landscape.

Compatible Plants Under and Around Oaks

California Oak Foundation (revised 2000)

Plant charts and care guidelines for homeowners, developers, landscape professionals, and planners.

Oak Woodland Invertebrates: The Little Things Count by Richard Little, Ted J. Swiecki and William Tietje

Introductory guide to the minute animals called invertebrates that live in the oak woodland ecosystem in California.

Acorns and Eat’em: A How-to Vegetarian Cookbook by Suellen Ocean

Contains complete acorn leaching instructions, nutritional information, and 35 acorn recipes.

Grandmother Oak by Rosi Dagit, illustrations by Gretta Allison

For children ages 3-8. A majestic California oak tree watches things change around her over the centuries.

Native Oaks of California Poster

“Botanically correct” renderings are bordered by drawings of each species’ leaf and acorn. Also shows locator maps. Created by Good Nature Publishing (Seattle, WA;

Take Action to Preserve California’s Oaks:

Support an oak conservation organization with a membership:

California Oak Foundation

California Oak Mortality Task Force

California Native Plant Society

Plant oak trees in the wild through organized plantings:

Marin ReLeaf

Attend local planning commission, board of supervisors, city council, tree advisory council, California Native Plant Society (, or California ReLeaf ( meetings or network groups.

Support legislation such as SB-711. Call and write your representatives. For updated information on the progress of SB-711, visit

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