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Bay Nature magazineOctober-December 2002

Red-Legged Frog Protected Near Morgan Territory

by on October 01, 2002

Scott Hein
Scott Hein

The federally listed California red-legged frog received some good news recently: A portion of its riparian habitat—shaded by many old sycamore, oak, and bay trees—won’t be developed, thanks to Save Mount Diablo (SMD). Having disappeared from more than three-quarters of its historic range, today this native frog—once the most populous in the state—is found in fewer than 250 streams across California. Recently, SMD optioned a 20-acre parcel along Morgan Territory Road, adjacent to Mount Diablo State Park and just across from Morgan Ranch, previously purchased by SMD for transfer to the state park. The new parcel includes a section of Marsh Creek, which is important red-legged frog habitat. Owned by a descendent of Jeremiah Morgan, for whom the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve east of Mount Diablo is named, the land is known as the “red corral” for its red cattle chute and fences. To purchase this property for the park, SMD will need to raise $240,000 by the end of 2002. You can contact Save Mount Diablo at (925) 947-3535 or visit www.savemountdiablo.org. Fall is a spectacular time to visit this remote eastern region of the East Bay. The Mount Diablo Interpretive Association sponsors informative walks and hikes throughout the fall as part of its Autumn-on-the-Mountain events calendar. Call (925) 837-6119 or visit www.mdia.org/events.htm.

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