Bay Nature magazineApril-June 2003


South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project

April 1, 2003

Through the purchase of 16,500 acres of Bay Area salt ponds from Cargill, Inc., the stage is set for the largest tidal wetlands restoration project ever attempted on the Pacific Coast. The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, consisting of 15,100 acres of salt ponds and associated habitats in the South Bay (the other acres are located in Napa County), seeks to restore and enhance a mix of wetland habitats, provide flood management, improve public access, and create opportunities for recreation. The main facilitator of this project is the California State Coastal Conservancy, which will work closely with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Game. These agencies are setting up meetings to encourage public comment on restoration plans. To get on the project mailing list and receive updated information about the upcoming public meetings, visit the restoration website at

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