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Bay Nature magazineApr-Jun 2010 Issue

Venn and the Art of Hummingbird Identification

by on January 04, 2010


In spring, not every hummingbird you see in the Bay Area in the same. But they’re all gorgeous. Jack helps us tell the difference between the Allen’s, the rufous, and the Anna’s.

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Hummingbird Identification
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one comment:

Suzette DeLor on August 6th, 2013 at 8:24 am

Thanks for your help in the quest for i.d.ing our local Hummingbirds. I live in the south/west end of Fremont, ca. ( lower east bay ). very near the edge of the bay wet lands in the “Warm Springs” Dist.
there are lots of Hummingbirds here even a few that are very dark almost black & quite shy. I think there are Black chined hummers ? also I have seen two sets of chicks raised in the tree by our pourch.
they seem to be Anna’s, although I have seen a male Allen’s flying around for the last two weeks. chasing back and forth with a male anna’s and the smaller dark male Black chined as well. So I really do not know what kind the female was that raise the babies and left before I started to see the males comming around. I have noticed that the one male (Allen’s- I think) makes a very strange humming sound as it is flying , it almost sounds as if it is a tiny hella copter very loud and quite different then I have ever heard before. Anyway thanks again for all the good insights and have a great day.
p.s. I also see Great White Kites around here alot. They are Falcons and seam to be the only birds the hummers do not attack.

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