Video: Bringing Back the Bay Checkerspot Butterfly

March 15, 2015

Stuart Weiss and his Creekside Center for Earth Observation have been working for several years to bring the Bay Checkerspot butterfly back to Edgewood Park in Redwood City, California. Relying heavily on citizen scientist volunteers known as “The Checkerspotters,” data collected shows that the beloved checkerspots are making a comeback at their ancestral home in the midst of the San Francisco Bay Area megalopolis.

About the Author

Rick Bacigalupi is the principal of BACIPIX (bacipix.com), a video production entity composed of Rick and a handful of talented associates with more than 20 years of broadcast television experience. Taking advantage of the amazing capabilities of today's nonlinear editing and affordable gear, we excel in creatinghigh-quality, low-cost video that leaves audiences motivated and inspired.

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