Bay Nature magazineWinter 2003


Workhops at the Jepson Herbarium

January 1, 2003

Would you like to learn how to identify wildflowers or expand your botanical vocabulary? Or discuss the evolutionary history that produced the diversity of organisms living around us? You might find an appropriate workshop or panel discussion to satiate these cravings through the Jepson Herbarium at UC Berkeley. The herbarium studies plants of California and publishes works, such as the authoritative Jepson Manual, that lead Californians to a greater appreciation and understanding of our rich botanical heritage. A few upcoming events include a panel discussion on February 1 about the Tree of Life Project, a collaborative effort among biologists to assemble a phylogeny, or genealogical map, for all 1.7 million species on earth; an Introduction to the Plant Kingdom on March 8-9 that will delve into the diverse and species-rich world of green plants; and an Introduction to Morphology and Identification of Flowering Plants on March 15-16 that will focus on plant classification and the detailed morphology of flowers and fruits. For more information, a fee schedule, or a listing of courses, visit or contact Anneke Swinehart at (510) 643-7008.

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