Beth Slatkin

Beth Slatkin is Bay Nature's marketing and outreach director.

Legislating for nature


Berkeley Assemblymember Nancy Skinner muses about an early internship gathering park data, how local governments are leading the world on environmental issues, and why she wants to make reflective roofs as popular as recycling.

LandPaths Executive Director Craig Anderson in the Swiss Alps

Exploring the Bay Area’s “Islands of Wildness”


A seasoned climber, hiker, outdoorsman, and lifelong world traveler, Craig Anderson could have remained an “itinerant geographer and outdoor guide”. Instead, he moved to Sonoma County fifteen years ago, signed up to work for a brand-new nonprofit called LandPaths, and stayed.

Talking turkey with naturalist David Lukas


To David Lukas, a freelance naturalist and author who lives just outside of Yosemite National Park, observing plants and animals in their native habitats is as essential as breathing or eating.

Steering the Ship of Wetlands Conservation


Beth Huning’s current position as Coordinator of the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture isn’t her first role in the field of wetlands conservation, but it certainly is one that brings together her passion for birds, her commitment to environmental protection, and her ability to work well with people representing many different constituencies. That’s essential when running a consortium of over 26 groups focused on San Francisco Bay’s tidal wetlands. Just this month the Joint Venture celebrated its 15th anniversary.