Alan Kaplan

Alan Kaplan retired in 2005 after a 33-year career with the East Bay Regional Park District.

Stinky Stories


For some flowers, bugs, and (of course) skunks, strong BO is a good MO for survival. Remember that the next time you’re dealing with smelly gym socks!

Top Billing for Shorebirds


As summer turns to fall, thousands of shorebirds return to the shoreline and mudflats of San Francisco Bay, either for a pit stop on their way south or to stay for the winter. Sometimes many different kinds gather in one place. How can you tell them apart?

Once Stung, Twice Shy


Learn about some of our local stinging insects, from the familiar honeybee to the powerful velvet ant (watch out for that one!).

At Home with the Packrats


What’s that pile of sticks over there? It could be the home of a dusky-footed woodrat. If you could see inside, you’d find a tidy little home complete with bedrooms, a pantry, and even a few latrines!

April Fooling!


Would you believe a twig is watching you? That some leaves can walk? And that if you brush against a piece of bark, it just might fly away? Insects play “April Fools’” tricks on their would-be predators all the time, … Read more