Bay Nature’s Annual Awards Dinner: Call for Images


Dear Bay Nature Photographers,

This photo call is unusual because it’s not about finding images for Bay Nature magazine, but rather about finding a single iconic image for our March 2014 Annual Awards Dinner.


The theme for next year’s dinner will be “Bay Area Wild: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act,” and we’ll be focusing on local Bay Area wilderness. So we’re looking for one image that conveys this message.


We’re looking for a beautiful and expansive Bay Area natural landscape with no infrastructure in it. And if at all possible, we would like to have some interesting feature in the foreground, ideally a wild bird or mammal.

Several examples:

– A view looking down over extensive coast range oak woodlands with a golden eagle soaring across the field of view;

– A view across open space, with a bobcat or mountain lion in the frame;

– Or a similar view with a visually arresting natural feature (tree, wildflower, rock outcrop) in the foreground;

– Taking another tack, there could be a person in the frame instead of a “natural” feature, if said person appears to be enjoying/engaging with the wilderness all around her/him.

The location does not have to be an officially designated wilderness area (though great if it is). But it does have to be in the Bay Area (nine Bay Area counties, plus Santa Cruz county), and it does have to be beautiful and wild, with no visible development.

The image will appear in all publicity for the event (including emails, printed invitations, advertisement in Bay Nature magazine), and on the program of the event itself.


We will pay $250 for the use of this image in all of the above venues.


Send images for consideration by the close of business on Monday, Dec. 2 to publisher David Loeb,

Thanks for your help in building support for our annual event to honor individuals from the local conservation community for their extraordinary contributions to Bay Area nature. I look forward to reviewing your image submissions. Of course, let me know if you have any questions about this request.


David Loeb, Publisher