Weird, Ugly, Rare

We relate to nature, and learn to value its conservation, by the stories we tell and hear about it. That’s a perilous proposition for the world’s non-charismatic plants and animals.

This series showcases the stories of species it’s hard to tell stories about.

They’re weird. They’re ugly. They’re rare.

Tegula sea snails

Transorchestia enigmatica

California sea-blite

Livermore Tarplant

Mission Blue

Sage Grouse

Clapper Rail

Galapagos Damselfish


'Weird, Ugly, Rare' is a series from Bay Nature, a magazine dedicated to exploring the natural world of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Writer: Eric Simons

Production and development: Sean Greene and Peuan Thinsan

Illustration: Rachel Diaz-Bastin

The web design, illustration and photography for 'Weird, Ugly, Rare' was funded by a grant from the Foundation for Environmental Journalism.