Lord of the Flies


Bored at home? Learn how to train common flies to ride on your finger like miniature falcons.

Creating a Drought-Resilient Garden with California Natives


Over five years ago, Nalani and Anna Heath-Delaney, ditched their water guzzling lawn and planted a colorful and diverse native plant garden. They have since saved water, provided habitat for local species and created a native plant sanctuary. With the current drought, now is the perfect time to consider transitioning your garden and “going native.”

succulents in Madeline Morrow's native plant garden

Madeline’s Garden


A resident of Saratoga, Madeline Morrow sits on the Steering Committee of the 2013 “Going Native” tour, a two-day extravaganza of 60 open gardens around Santa Clara, including hers.  The event, hosted by the Santa Clara chapter of the California … Read more