Human settlement in the San Francisco Bay Area dates back 10,000 years to early Native American settlements. Today, the region is a teeming metropolis of 7 million people that collectively challenge the health of the region's ecosystems. How it got this way is a story that prompts a deeper understanding of our place in the landscape.

LOOMERY. Common Murres Painting by Jeff Long, photo by John Arbuckle

“Paint slowly and carry a small brush”


Internationally acclaimed painter Jeff Long, known primarily for his abstract works, has lately taken up his brush in defense of Western birds and other wildlife. Referencing the classic bird illustrations of John James Audubon, Long’s monumental and highly detailed paintings … Read more

King-Swett Ranches View of property with people by Sally Rae Kimmel

Song of the Meadowlark in Solano County


The Solano Land Trust’s King-Swett Ranches are great destinations for Solano County hiking: amazing views and a sense of seclusion in between Benicia, Vallejo, and Fairfield.

Alma at India Basin

Year of the Bay sets sail


On November 1, the historic ship the Alma set sail from the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park on the north end of the city, bound for its birthplace, Hunter’s Point, which it hadn’t visited for several decades. The Alma … Read more