Human settlement in the San Francisco Bay Area dates back 10,000 years to early Native American settlements. Today, the region is a teeming metropolis of 7 million people that collectively challenge the health of the region's ecosystems. How it got this way is a story that prompts a deeper understanding of our place in the landscape.

Nature's Inspiration honorees Jose Gonzalez, Bay Nature's David Loeb, and Heyday Books' Malcolm Margolin

Bay Nature Co-Founders Honored at CGF Gala


On October 4, 2015, the Committee for Green Foothills honored Bay Nature co-founders David Loeb and Malcolm Margolin (publisher of Heyday Books) for their significant contributions to the Bay Area nature community.

Bodega Head

The Ballad of Bodega Head


Fifty years ago, a small group of activists took on corporate America to keep nuclear power off the North Coast. The battle they fought changed their lives — and American environmentalism.