In the San Francisco Bay Area, slices of nature pop up in the most unexpected places, a testament to the region's wealth in biodiversity and the resilience of its natural systems. Bringing nature to urban areas is not just about ensuring the survival of species, but enhancing people's quality of life through a fulfillment of our innate need to be with nature.

Letter from the Publisher


Parking the car in front of my house a few weeks ago, I noticed movement across the street. It was a deer—a mature doe, I believe—walking up the sidewalk in the early evening twilight. Aware of my presence, but not … Read more

Book Review: The Trees of San Francisco


The Trees of San Francisco, by Mike Sullivan, Pomegranate Communications, 2004, 160 pages, $19.95 ( This is not a book about the native trees of San Francisco. In fact, there are very few trees native to San Francisco, which was … Read more

Starry, Starry Night


We humans have evolved to be outside in the daylight. But there are delights awaiting those who venture forth at night. Revel in the cosmic mysteries of the star-filled sky, and open your senses to the shadowy world of nature’s night shift.