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Webinar: Good Bug / Bad Bug

Tuesday, June 20 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Our yards, gardens, orchards, forests and open spaces are teeming with small insects whose very presence is essential to the healthy ecosystem we call home. Many, if not most, people consider the insects in their local environment to be pests and, historically, they have sometimes resorted to rather noxious chemical means to control or eradicate such ‘bad bugs.’ However, nature has provided a safer and, arguably, a better solution to this problem, and if understood and properly supported, ‘good bugs’ can not only control the pest populations, they can also enhance the vitality and the biological diversity of the garden.

“Good Bug / Bad Bug” provides a snapshot image of the fascinating insect populations that exist under the leaves, in the soil and in the air around us. Insect pests (bad bugs) that commonly occur in our area are shown along with the beneficial insects (good bugs) that prey on them. A little biology and a lot of colorful pictures will introduce these insects and hopefully provide a new and fascinating perspective regarding the six-legged creatures that constitute over half of all the living multicellular organisms on earth.

Born and raised in southern California, presenter John Fike received an undergraduate degree in biology in 1970. He finished his graduate training in 1978 at Colorado State University and spent his entire 34-year career on the faculty of UCSF. After retiring, he became active in the UC Master Gardener program for Contra Costa County. His passion for biology and interest in education have been instrumental in his contributions to the organization. One of his goals as a UC Master Gardener is to introduce more science into the gardening landscape in the hopes that people will develop an enhanced perspective and appreciation of the fascinating world around us.

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