Nocturnal Serenades (2024 CNC Weekend)

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park 2605 Adobe Canyon Rd, kenwood

Soundscapes are auditory landscapes that encapsulate the diverse and harmonious interplay of ambient sounds, from the wildlife to the non-biological, creating a rich and immersive sonic environment. Venture out on this auditory experience with Jack Hines, Soundscape Ecologist at Ear … Read more


Docent-led Naturalist Outing – Turtles!

Bon Tempe Dam Parking

Join a seasoned Turtle Docent and an AmeriCorps fellow in a fun and casual outing to look for turtles and other wildlife on the Watershed. Northwestern Pond turtles will be basking in the water, spring wildflowers will be blooming, birds … Read more


IN A LANDSCAPE: San Geronimo Commons

San Geronimo Commons 5800 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, San Geronimo

IN A LANDSCAPE: Classical Music in the Wild™ is an outdoor concert series where America’s most stunning landscapes replace the traditional concert hall. Guests explore the surrounding environment while listening to the music through wireless headphones, creating an immersive experience … Read more