Extra: Bay Nature Magazine Web Features

April-June 2018

• Fire-Following Flowers
A treasure-hunt list of rare and unique plants to look for in the North Bay this spring.

January-March 2018

• North Bay Fires
See additional photos of the aftermath of the North Bay fires.

April-June 2017

• Mount Umunhum Opening This Fall
See camera trap photos from the top of the mountain.

• The Boldness of Bewick’s
Watch and listen to a Bewick’s Wren.

October-December 2016

• Cooking with Local Nature
Preparation techniques and recipes for cooking with local staples like acorns and bay nuts.

• Freshwater Fish of the Bay Area
From perch to pikeminnows, a look at the Bay Area’s native freshwater fish species.

April-June 2016

• New Paradigms for Stewardship
Writer Mary Ellen Hannibal looks at several of the innovative partnerships that members of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band have pursued to fulfill their responsibility as stewards of Creation.

• The Native Plants of Quiroste Valley
Read profiles of several of the native plants used and prized by the Quiroste people.

Bay Nature Local Hero Awards
• See photos from BayNature’s March 2016 Local Hero Awards dinner.

January-March 2016

Beetlemania: All Together Now

Q&A: Ladybug Hotel Proprietor Jeremy Brautman answers questions from reporter Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton.

What Lurks Below

The Language of Sparrows

Interactive Graphic:  Listen to the changing dialect of white-crowned sparrows in San Francisco.

October-December 2015

Mount Diablo After the Fire


Interactive Graphic: An interactive walkthrough of the species that returned to Mount Diablo following the 2013 Morgan Fire.

On the Fence

Audio and Timeline: Listen to Dave Press and Melanie Gunn discuss the tule elk dilemma at the Point Reyes National Seashore, and watch an interactive timeline of the history of elk at Point Reyes.

Here We Go A-Spidering

Educational Guide: Learn about the various kinds of spider webs and how to recognize them, including a printable guide.