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Jan-Mar 2013

In our January 2013 issue, noted author (and one of our favorites!) David Rains Wallace surveys our region’s remarkable diversity of salamanders and newts. Then we head east to Big Break Regional Shoreline in Oakley, where this fall the East Bay Regional Park District opened its first completely new visitor center in more than 30 years. We’ve also got stories about the King-Swett Ranches of Solano County, the littlest sandpipers along our shores, the important role of sediment — yes, lowly mud — in maintaining and restoring marshland habitats around the Bay in the face of sea-level rise. And more!

Cover: Yellow-eyed ensatina, by Sebastian Kennerknecht, pumapix.com.


Should we be worried about asbestos in serpentine rock?

January 31, 2013 by Michael Ellis

Should we worry about asbestos in serpentine rock? Yes, a bit. In California, we have North America’s largest exposures. It’s even our official state rock.


Making the Most of Mud

February 01, 2013 by Ariel Rubissow Okamoto

San Francisco Bay has been clearing up, but that’s not necessarily a good thing for marshes in an age of sea level rise. Those marshes need mud so they can keep up with rising tides.

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Piecing together the Diablo landscape

January 03, 2013 by Daniel McGlynn

On a warm autmn morning, a half-dozen volunteers are watering young native plants on a piece of land known as Marsh Creek IV, just outside Clayton. The land, on the banks of its namesake creek, is one of several properties owned by Save Mount Diablo (SMD), a Walnut Creek–based group that’s been advocating for Mount […]

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Land of the Salamander

December 31, 2012 by David Rains Wallace

North America has more kinds of salamanders–the tailed, mostly four-legged amphibians–than any other continent. Your backyard is probably full of them right now!


First Person: How to Make a Frog’s Day

January 01, 2013 by Paul Epstein

In 2008, Kerry Kriger founded Santa Cruz-based Save the Frogs, which he says is the nation’s only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation.

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Meet The Smallest Sandpipers of the San Francisco Bay

January 15, 2013 by Joe Eaton

Our two local sandpipers are cute as buttons, hard to tell apart, and eat primordial ooze. What’s not to love?

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Song of the Meadowlark in Solano County

January 08, 2013 by Aleta George

The Solano Land Trust’s King-Swett Ranches are great destinations for Solano County hiking: amazing views and a sense of seclusion in between Benicia, Vallejo, and Fairfield.

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Gateway to the Delta

December 31, 2012 by Robin Meadows

I’m in another world from the moment I step into the East Bay Regional Park District’s Big Break Regional Shoreline. Here on the edge of the Delta in eastern Contra Costa County, birds sing and soar overhead, cottonwood leaves rustle in the breeze, and on a clear day you can see across the Delta’s vast […]


Ebony and Ivory

January 30, 2013 by John Muir Laws

A school of fish gets trapped in a slough at ebb tide. Dinnertime for egrets and cormorants! Like this article?There’s lots more where this came from…Subscribe to Bay Nature magazine

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