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Contra Costa Water District

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Contra Costa Water District owns and operates Los Vaqueros Reservoir and Watershed to improve water quality for its customers, provide stored water for emergencies and improve the Delta habitat. The Los Vaqueros Watershed protects nearly 20,000 acres of wildlife habitat in eastern Contra Costa County and a portion of Alameda County. The unique property is home to many protected species, including the Alameda whipsnake, California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog and the San Joaquin kit fox. The watershed occupies a unique biogeographical transition zone between coastal and interior habitats, between lowland grasslands and higher elevation woodland and chaparral habitats, and also between southern and northern elements of the Coast Ranges flora.

There are numerous recreation opportunities at Los Vaqueros Watershed, including fishing, hiking, boating and picnicking. A marina at the reservoir offers a fleet of electric boats available to rent. Additionally, naturalist-led programs are offered throughout the year to people of all ages and abilities. Find out more about the watershed at www.ccwater.com/losvaqueros.

Contact Information

9990 Los Vaqueros Road
Byron CA 94514

Phone: (925) 371-2628


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