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Austin Creek State Recreation Area

by on July 08, 2012

A paradise for the hiker and equestrian, this rugged park of open woodlands, steep hills, and grassy meadows provides a contrast with the dense, primeval redwood forest of the adjacent Armstrong Redwoods state Natural Reserve.

Though daytime temperatures at Austin Creek State Recreation Area can reach 100 degrees in the summer, deep tree-lined ravines cooled by year-round streams provide shady respite. In spring, the open, hilly grasslands support diverse wildflowers, and views from the park’s rocky mountaintops are available at any time of year. In addition to 20 miles of trails, the park offers both family and back-country campsites. (However, because the park access road is steep, narrow, and winding, towed vehicles as well as any vehicles over 20 feet long are prohibited.)


Acres : 5525

Access Status : Open Access

Agency : California Department of Parks and Recreation

Agency Website : http://www.parks.ca.gov/

Park Website : http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=452

Park Map Link : http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/452/files/Armstrong-AustinCreekWebBrochr2011.pdf

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