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Bayview Hill

by on July 08, 2012

Bayview Hill does indeed offer panoramic views of the bay, but that’s not all. There’s abundant wildlife, wildflowers, and elbow-room–all in 44 acres within San Francisco’s city limits.

Bayview Hill is a rich example of San Francisco’s natural habitats thatprovides panoramic views of the bay and city as well as a surprising diversityof native plant and animal life. Raptors soar above mammals, reptiles, andamphibians living in grasslands that show off fields of wildflowers from latewinter through spring and in woodlands of coast live oak and islay cherryhigher up the hill. Although a portion of Bayview Hill was bulldozed andshoveled into the bay to create Candlestick Park, 44 lofty and wildacres remain, visible in the distance from busy Hwy 101 but visited by few.

Every other month, volunteers work with the San FranciscoNatural Areas Program at Bayview Hill to control invasive plants.

Visit the SF Recreation and Parks page forthis park.

Acres : 16

Access Status : Open Access

Agency : SF Recreation and Parks

Agency Website : http://sfrecpark.org/

Park Website : http://www.sfrecpark.org/Parks.aspx

Park Map Link :

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