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Buena Vista Park (San Francisco)

by on July 08, 2012

Surrounded by the city but feeling miles away, Buena Vista Park offers winding trails through coast live oaks and wonderful views at its higher points.

Buena Vista Park’s oaks, one of just a few remaining groves in SanFrancisco, support a diversity of wildlife. Some of San Francisco’s human history is also visible in the park: Along the edges of the park’s trails and trailside drainage gutters are remnants of old unclaimed headstones left behind when San Francisco’s cemeteries were moved to Colma between 1914 and 1950.

Acres : 36

Access Status : Open Access

Agency : San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department

Agency Website : http://sfrecpark.org

Park Website : http://sfrecpark.org/destination/buena-vista-park/

Park Map Link :

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