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Hayward Regional Shoreline (EBRPD)

by on July 08, 2012

Come observe a series of flourishing restored wetlands, and the shorebirds and ducks that pause or stop here on their annual migrations.

The over 1700 acres of this shoreline park provide a variety of recreational choices, as well as the opportunity to see a number of different restored wetlands

The Cogswell Marsh, near the southern end of the shoreline was formerly a commercial salt pond. It was restored to the Bay in 1980 when the outboard levee was intentionally breached to let in tidal waters. Since then, salt-water marsh plants and animals have re-colonized this 250-acre site.

The Oro Loma Marsh near the northern end of the shoreline, is a tidal salt-water marsh at its western end, and a seasonal freshwater marsh fed by rainwater at the slightly higher elevations at its eastern end.

The 145-acre Hayward Marsh is also a restoration, but this one is fed with treated freshwater from the nearby wastewater treatment plant so supports a different mixture of vegetation. Islands were created in the interior of the marsh basins to provide protected nesting sites for birds.

The Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center is located at the southern end of the shoreline, just north of Route 92. It is operated by the Hayward Area Recreation and Parks District and provides displays explaining the natural and human history of area.

The 5 miles of unpaved shoreline trails provide easy bike rides and walking or running trails with excellent views of the bay.

Fishing on the Bay is allowed along the northern reaches of the shoreline, but is prohibited in the nature area around the marshes.

Acres : 825

Access Status : Open Access

Agency : East Bay Regional Park District

Agency Website : http://www.ebparks.org/

Park Website : http://www.ebparks.org/parks/hayward

Park Map Link : http://www.ebparks.org/Assets/files/Hayward_map_0.pdf

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